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This program is a graphical easy-to-use US to metric unit converter ideal from everything from cooking to engineering. The product also features an extensive timezone database with both city and country lookup. Don't think of SI-Metric as a mere calculator, because the product includes an encyclopedia providing detailed history and origins of the units and time zones. Let SI-Metric help you with your unit or time zone conversions.

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This program is a pictorial easy-to-use general purpose conversion utility designed for everybody from cooks to engineers to grandfathers that you can use to convert between the US and metric systems. SI-Metric Kids features Liquid, Distance, Area, Weight, Temperature, and Time Zone measurement categories. The Time Zone category allows you to find display the time in another area by selecting either the country or city (US and International) and displaying that time relative to your own local time. Our city and country list is extensive taking into account regions in the world, such as the state of Florida here in the US, which sits inside two different time zones. Are you confused by long arcane lists of units, our easy-to-use button interface allows for quick conversions. ButterflyVista avoids the traditional boring gray user interface motif and attempts to redefine the software interface by marrying colors, art, and form to functionality to create a fulfilling experience. Don't think of SI-Metric Kids as just another scientific calculator, as it is no calculator. We've integrated an extensive unit and time zone encyclopedia that shows you the origins and history of each of the units. We even go beyond that, but you'll have to download the product and see for yourself. Do you like to cook? Are you an artist? Are you a teacher or an engineer? Are you a student? No matter what profession or hobby no one can be an island. We live in the international world, where competing unit systems and different time zones exist. Both people and businesses need to be fluent in many systems. Let SI-Metric Kids help you. Download your copy today.

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